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CINNAMON is a rich, warm and saturated element; just as a circulating blood flow, these feelings are representing a fiesta, a celebration of sincere moments.


Imagine the perfect dinner. Long candles, fine wine, a majestic table with a history. You are surrounded by exceptional people to make it with. Conversation flowing effortlessly; suddenly it feels like language has spread its wings. There’s laughs and happy tears. Endless moments which are made into great stories. You breathe in the air; and suddenly realise - there’s a DIVINE aroma flowing around. You can tell it is warm and gentle. It hides in this very moment. 

You close your eyes in the middle of this ruffle and become present to this moment. You may pause time for a while. You start to dream a little. Try not to get lost. 

Contemplate about your presence and what your charisma “tastes” like. You remember about all the compliments you received tonight and are delighted yet to receive even more. Celebrate your essence as well as your presence! A fantasy you now turn into a reality. Make a deal with your fairies and wave your wand. Then pause a little for magic to happen. Begin to feel ALIVE. Isn’t it all that matters?

BREATHE. Be ALIVE. Be always the moment to embody DIVINE.


An ethical knitwear brand with a sustainable philosophy in mind. We work with a small local factory - one of the oldest in the region - where skills and knowledge that has been gained over decades is now applied in creating contemporary clothing from high quality materials.

Think in a future positive way together with us.

Founder and designer


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