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AW 2017/2018

INSIDE OUTSIDE: it is inside and outside in time, space and sensations, two different directions that can be intertwined in harmony or duality.

FEMME FEMME – a feminine woman, a vivid French fashion term that characterizes not just a visual image - OUTSIDE, but also lifestyle, way of thinking, philosophy that underlines the natural and profound power of femininity - INSIDE.

The base of the collection is knitted fabric from high quality wool - merino, alpaca, mohair. Special technologies that are mainly hand-made, also weaving, density and structure that unfold the unique character and quality of each fabric. The collection offers a confrontation of winter against gradation of green colors in combination with black and royal blue as well as saturated and rich red wine color. CASUAL CHIC style for a townswoman that cares for INSIDE OUTSIDE comfort.




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